Sonal Hospital and Diabetes Clinic is established and owned by Dr. Jashvant L. Shah. The hospital was inaugurated on 23rd July, 1989 by Dr. J. N. Patel, ex-dean of B. J. Medical college, superintendent and Head of Department of Medicine – Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad.


Dr. Jashvant L. Shah, M.D. Medicine Diabetologist, is the founder and well renowned diabetes care specialist in Gujarat and around the world.

Dr. Jashvant Shah Diabetologist
Dr. Shah

Dr. Vijay P. Narola, BHMS is clinical assistant in O.P.D. and looks after hospital management and investigations.

Other housemen doctors look after indoor patient treatment.

Doctor’s Chamber – 3


Two qualified and well-trained dietitians execute their professional skills to out patients and indoor patients.

Nurses & Other staff

There are trained and qualified Nurses and Diabetes educators, working round the clock in the Hospital.

Super Deluxe Patient Room

Indoor Facilities

The hospital has two bedded I.C.U., two Deluxe rooms, two bedded Semi-Deluxe room, six bedded general ward and five isolation cabins. Foot Ward has one Deluxe room and one Operation Theater.

The general ward, outpatient’s department, I.C.U., Deluxe and Semi Deluxe rooms and laboratory are located on 3rd floor.

In addition to high level Medical care and expertise, the hospital also provides a peaceful and clean ambiancefor a comfortable stay which hastens the recovery.

Waiting Area

Outpatient’s Department (OPD)

OPD has air-conditioned waiting room with diabetes and health awareness programs shown on TV in English and regional languages to make good use of your waiting time. Diabetes related pamphlets, news papers and literature is also available in waiting area.

Waiting room also has a mobile charging station, pantry room where tea, coffee and filtered cold drinking water is available.

Doctor and dietitian’s consulting room, open in the waiting area and receptionist guides patients to visit either of them and also for other hospital facilities.

Operation Theatre

Foot Ward

Besides indoor facilities, the foot ward has latest Doppler machine for evaluating peripheral arteriole and venous disease.

The latest highly sensitive machinery for evaluating diabetic peripheral neuropathy and planter pressure.

ANSI test for detecting autonomic neuropathy.
I.C.U. is equipped with defibrillator, cardiac monitor, non-invasive ventilator and CGMS (Continuous Glucose Monitoring System).



Qualified and trained lab technician runs biochemistry and hematology reports on semi-automated and automated machines.

Accuracy of test results and quality of test reports are monitored periodically by various quality control measures.

Education Hall

A special education hall is developed in the terrace. This hall is used for various diabetes education programs organized periodically at free of cost with sitting capacity of 40 with multimedia facility.


Major part of the hospital is under Closed Circuit TV Camera surveillance. Patient’s data and drug prescriptions are computerized.

An intercom telephone system connecting all departments of the hospital adds to the ease of accessibility.